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Chapter Presentations

Project presentations are a great way to share your EWB-USA project successes and lessons learned, develop presentation skills, and familiarize new members with what we do. If your group is interested in presenting at the conference, please complete this form: Project Presentation Application.

Invitation to Display Project Posters, Videos & Photos at 2013 EWB-USA Northeast Regional Conference 

The EWB-USA Northeast Regional Conference Committee invites chapters in the region to submit project posters, photos and videos that showcase their projects. 

Poster Competition

If you are considering submitting a poster, please read this section carefully, as you’ll note the poster requirements and judging criteria for this year are different from past years.

The posters will be displayed and judged from 3pm to 6pm during the Professional Networking Session on Saturday, November 21st

Section 1: Submittal

To participate in the poster competition, please have a representative from your chapter email Colleen Thiersch at to confirm that you have read the rules of the competition and to report the number of posters your chapter will be submitting by 11:59 PM on November 1st 2013

A draft of each poster must be emailed to in PDF format by November 13, 2013 to ensure the poster requirements have been met. The materials needed to display the posters will be provided. However, chapters must print their final posters and bring them to the conference. Upon arriving, please drop off the poster at the registration table Friday evening or Saturday morning (at the latest). 

Section 2: Eligibility

Professional or student chapters belonging to the Northeast Region may submit one poster per international or domestic project, maximum 3 posters per chapter. 

Section 3: Poster Requirements

The chapter has the creative and formatting freedom to decide how to best present the project. Please incorporate the following content and size requirements:

Poster Size

The chapter can determine the size of the poster, but each poster should be at minimum 24”x36” 

Project Data

The following information should be clearly presented on the poster:

  1. Chapter Name
  2. Project Name
  3. Name of the town/village and country of the project location
  4. Project phase
  5. Total cost of project
  6. Project chapter contact and email address
  7. NGO/Partner organizations in local community (if any)
  8. Significant donors or contributors to the project (if any)

Project Description 

Describe the project, the need, the challenges, how they were/will be overcome, and how the project has/will benefit the local population.

Project Photographs and Graphics

The photographs and relevant maps, charts, technical drawings, etc. should be high resolution (at least 300dpi) for enlargement purposes. A caption with a description should be placed below each photo and graphic. 

Section 4: Project Presentation

From 3:30pm to 4:15pm on Saturday, one or two representatives from each project must be standing at the poster. During this time, the judges will walk around, review the posters and the project representative(s) will present the poster to the judges. The judges will first be given a few minutes to read and look over the poster. Then, the presenter(s) will provide a brief 2 to 3 minute description of the project followed by questions from the judges.

Section 5: Judging Criteria

The competition will be judged by a panel of three to four judges comprised of members of the Northeast Region. Winners will be announced at the conference on Sunday, November 24th.

Each poster will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Content: The poster clearly and succinctly presents relevant project information and is as up to date as possible. Photographs and graphics supplement the text and display the community and the project’s progress. Displayed material demonstrates an understanding and relevance to the values and mission of EWB-USA.
  • Appearance: The poster is organized, flows logically and has visual appeal.
  • Presentation: The poster’s presenter(s) show a comprehensive understanding of the project. Presenter(s) provide brief project summary to the judges, while referencing but not reading off of the poster.

Section 6: Awards

  1. The first place winner will receive $TBD deposited into its chapter’s EWB-USA project account.
  2. The second place winner will receive $TBD deposited into its chapter’s EWB-USA project account.
  3. The third place winner will receive $TBD deposited into its chapter’s EWB-USA project account.

Please contact Colleen Thiersch at with any questions.

Photo and Video Submission

Chapters are welcome to submit pictures and videos to be put on display during the conference.

  • Pictures: Send in pictures of your chapter’s meetings, events and travels to be put up on the big screen
  • Videos: Has your chapter made a promotional video? We’d like to screen it at the conference! Please send in videos no matter the quality or production level. If we receive enough submissions, we will designate a room during the breakout sessions to show all the chapters’ videos.

Please contact Colleen Thiersch at with any questions.

For comments or questions on the conference, please contact Nicole Ostrowski and Paroma Saha at